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Reiki Energy Healing

What is Reiki?
A Reiki treatment is “no-touch” healing. Reiki healing is defined as a spiritually guided life energy. Reiki energy guides itself with its own wisdom, rather than requiring the direction of the practitioner. Reiki channels energy to the client to assist and enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Reiki Healings
You, the client, lays down on a bed, face up with your eyes closed. Soft relaxing music is played to facilitate a relaxed state. I then align the energies throughout your body to clear any blockages. Crystal healing can be added to your Reiki treatment, depending on your needs.

I have been fascinated with crystals since high school and just love their healing properties. Crystals are put on your chakra positions and act as healing agents to help open and clear blocks.

1 hour $85.00

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I didn’t know much about Reiki until Margo began her studies, and to be honest, it took me a long time to understand it. While she was learning, she would practice with me, but I just didn’t get it.  She then took me to her Reiki Master and, WOW, it was a great experience and then I understood what Reiki was about. I then could see as Margo‘s skills got better and better.  When I was living in Sacramento, she suggested I find someone local to have regular treatments, which I did.  Not all Reiki practitioners are alike for sure! The first one I saw was terrible – we didn’t connect at all and it seemed all she wanted was the money.  The second was good, already a Master, and I enjoyed the experience.  Now that I live in Vegas, and I know the difference, I am glad to have Margo, a wonderful Reiki Master, in my life. 

Sally R

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